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James Keenan, Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney

Debt is more than dollars owed. It is a mindset that can poison your peace of mind. For many, bankruptcy may be a way out. For over 15 years, my office has represented individuals and small businesses in and around Sacramento seeking a fresh financial start. James Keenan, a Sacramento Bankruptcy Attorney can eliminate your debt, protect your property and, perhaps most importantly, ease your mind. It is a solution to your financial stress.

Filing bankruptcy is a difficult decision, both financially and personally. Often times it is a last option. Having practiced bankruptcy law for over 15 years, all here in Sacramento and the surrounding communities, I am aware of the anguish that often accompanies the decision to file. I am also aware of the relief a bankruptcy can bring. Debt takes a toll which, for most, is more personal than financial. My approach in representing clients is to address the personal perspective with the same understanding as the financial picture. Only through personal attention to my clients’ personal concerns can this be accomplished.


Sacramento Bankruptcy AttorneyWhen you hire my office to file your case, you hire me. I have no associates, only an assistant. From the commencement of your case until its completion, I will represent you—personally. This is how this practice should be done, and it is how I do it.

With over 15 years of bankruptcy practice here in Sacramento and the surrounding regions, I am experienced in all aspects of the bankruptcy filing process. I know the judges, the trustees and the court personnel. I am intimately familiar with the procedures, protocol and practice of processing a bankruptcy case that comes only with experience. And for that there is no substitute.

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I invite you to a free consultation to consider your bankruptcy options to regain your financial freedom.