Bankruptcy Debt Elimination

Bankruptcy Debt Elimination Get out of debt.  Now!  A recent CNBC news story cited credit card interest and fees topped a hundred billion dollars this past year.  That’s a lot.  And this number is growing.  Bankruptcy debt elimination can be a … Continue reading

Mounting Consumer Debt

Mounting Consumer Debt Debt is on the rise.  This recent Bloomberg article reflects the mounting consumer debt in America.  Sacramento consumer debt is no different.  The Bloomberg article portrays trends in consumer debt.  It analyzes debts aside from mortgages, and the trend … Continue reading

Debt Discharge

Debt Discharge Debt discharge in bankruptcy is legal process to eliminate debt.  You receive a discharge if you complete your bankruptcy case successfully.  The final paperwork from the Sacramento Bankruptcy Court, or wherever someone files, is an order.  It is a … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcy Protection Bankruptcy protection is often the point of filing for bankruptcy.  Filing bankruptcy allows to an automatic stay.  That is a legal buzz word that means you are protected from your creditors when you file for bankruptcy.  But protected from … Continue reading

Debt Stress Relief

Debt Stress Relief Debt is stressful.  It is very stressful.  Anyone living with debt knows this.  But debt stress relief is possible.  During the Great Recession, debt was rampant, leaving millions looking for relief.  Following this financial collapse, credit dried … Continue reading

Discharge Student Loan?

Can you discharge student loan debt?  Maybe. Ordinarily student loans cannot be discharged through bankruptcy.  Meaning that student loan debt cannot be eliminated through a bankruptcy filing and discharge.  Other types of debt can be discharged, or eliminated, in bankruptcy.  But … Continue reading

Dischargeable Debt

Dischargeable debt.  What does that mean?  Debt needs no definition.  But dischargeable does.  Dischargeable debt is debt that can be discharged by law.  This means that the debt is eliminated.  Normally this is done though the filing of bankruptcy.  And … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy Debt Relief

Sacramento bankruptcy debt relief is needed for many in the region.  The economy in Sacramento is better since the great recession.  But it is not back.  Not even close.  Those living and working in Sacramento know this. Debt, though, is back. … Continue reading

Medical Bill Relief

Medical bill relief is a much needed commodity for many American consumers.  This is especially so for surprise medical bills, as this Fortune Magazine article reports.  The reason medical bills can cause such financial chaos is simple.  Medical bill are expensive.  Really … Continue reading

Foreclosure Relief

Foreclosure relief can come in many ways.  Paying you mortgage delinquency is the surest strategy.  But those behind on their mortgage rarely have the money to make up the arrearage on their mortgage.  That’s why they are in foreclosure in the first … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Discharge

Bankruptcy discharge is the legal term applied to debt elimination through bankruptcy.  Filing for bankruptcy and completion of a bankruptcy case allows filers to receive a discharge.  The discharge is an order issued by the bankruptcy court eliminating debt.  Here … Continue reading

Debt Elimination Through Bankruptcy

Why file for bankruptcy?  Debt elimination though bankruptcy is the purpose for filing bankruptcy.  It is also the basis of the bankruptcy discharge.  A bankruptcy discharge is a court order canceling, or eliminating your debts.  It’s that simple.  The order … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Effect on Lawsuits

Bankruptcy effect on lawsuits is a common question for those considering filing bankruptcy.  Particularly so with those who are being sued.  Bankruptcy filings invoke what is known as an automatic stay.  It is a bankruptcy term meaning you are instantly … Continue reading

Credit Card Debt Elimination In Bankruptcy

Credit card debt elimination in bankruptcy is one of the most common causes of bankruptcy filing.  Consumer debt has increased dramatically in the past few years.  The level of credit card debt is now near it‘s pre-recession level.  And that’s … Continue reading

Keep your home in bankruptcy

Can you keep your home in bankruptcy?  It is a common question posed by potential bankruptcy clients.  And the common answer to this question is yes.  You can keep your home in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy laws allow you to protect, or exempt, … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Bang for the Buck

Bankruptcy bang for the buck is another way of saying whether filing bankruptcy will benefit you financially.  In other words, will the savings of a bankruptcy outweigh the cost of filing for bankruptcy?   With the average consumer bankruptcy, credit card debt … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Can Discharge Overpayment of Unemployment and Social Security

Bankruptcy can discharge overpayment of unemployment and Social Security benefits.  Like any other unsecured debt, such benefit overpayments are legally binding.  But as with most other legally binding debts, bankruptcy can discharge them.  There is no special provision in the … Continue reading