Keep your home in bankruptcy

Can you keep your home in bankruptcy?  It is a common question posed by potential bankruptcy clients.  And the common answer to this question is yes.  You can keep your home in bankruptcy. Bankruptcy laws allow you to protect, or exempt, … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Credit Counseling

Bankruptcy credit counseling is a requirement of the bankruptcy system.  It mandates that someone who files bankruptcy must undergo credit counseling before filing bankruptcy and, again, after filing but before the bankruptcy is discharged.  It is not difficult to do, … Continue reading

Bankruptcy Conversion

Sacramento Bankruptcy: What is a Bankruptcy Conversion? Bankruptcy conversion is changing the chapter of your bankruptcy filing after you have already filed.  Types of bankruptcy are organized by chapters of the federal law that created them.  Though there are many … Continue reading

Means Test: Qualify for Bankruptcy?

 Bankruptcy and the Bankruptcy Means Test The bankruptcy Means Test was a qualification standard adopted by Congress in 2005 for bankruptcy filers.  It essentially determines whether you qualify for a bankruptcy liquidation, better known as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: how to start the bankruptcy process

Filing bankruptcy in Sacramento, or anywhere, is a process.  Preparation, strategy and timing are often key elements in processing a bankruptcy filing.  How, then, to begin? For starters, find whether bankruptcy is your best option.  Often when you owe more … Continue reading