Bankruptcy Protection

Bankruptcy Protection Bankruptcy protection is often the point of filing for bankruptcy.  Filing bankruptcy allows to an automatic stay.  That is a legal buzz word that means you are protected from your creditors when you file for bankruptcy.  But protected from … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy Debt Relief

Sacramento bankruptcy debt relief is needed for many in the region.  The economy in Sacramento is better since the great recession.  But it is not back.  Not even close.  Those living and working in Sacramento know this. Debt, though, is back. … Continue reading

Debt Elimination Through Bankruptcy

Why file for bankruptcy?  Debt elimination though bankruptcy is the purpose for filing bankruptcy.  It is also the basis of the bankruptcy discharge.  A bankruptcy discharge is a court order canceling, or eliminating your debts.  It’s that simple.  The order … Continue reading

Health Insurance Holes

Medical care continues to be one of consumers’ biggest costs.  Understandably, then, medical insurance is vital.  Health insurance holes, though, can leave some exposed.  Health insurance may not cover some costs or other procedures.  It may cover more but come … Continue reading

Student Loan Bankruptcy

You can have student loans, and you can file bankruptcy.  But getting rid of a student loan though bankruptcy is a tough trick.  Not that you can’t do it.  But eliminating student loans in a bankruptcy is hard.  Perhaps I … Continue reading

Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt

Eliminate credit card debt through bankruptcy or pay it off?  That is the question.  For many consumers, though, it is a loaded question.  They would like to pay off their credit card debt, but they can’t.  And they know it. … Continue reading

Medical Bills and Bankruptcy

Medical bills are the prime factor for filing bankruptcy in the United States.  According to the Huffington Post, as well as numerous other sources, it is the main reason. Medical bills prompt bankruptcy filings for a variety of reasons, not the … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Donald Trump Filed 4 Times (Don’t Be Deterred by a Supposed Bankruptcy Stigma)

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Donald Trump Filed 4 Times (Don’t Be Deterred by a Supposed Bankruptcy Stigma)  Bankruptcy is a powerful tool to eliminate or reorganize your debt.  When your debt is beyond your ability to repay, bankruptcy can be a way … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: 2016 resolution to eliminate debt

If your new year’s resolution for 2016 is to eliminate your debt, bankruptcy may be the answer.  Credit card debt, lines of credit, medical bills, car repossessions, mortgages and income taxes are all forms of debt that can be eliminated through … Continue reading

Bankruptcy filing for fresh financial start for 2016

Get a fresh financial start for the upcoming new year!  Bankruptcy can be a valuable tool to eliminate your debt.  Learn more by scheduling a free consultation.  Here are some bankruptcy basics courtesy of the federal court system. … Continue reading