Credit Card Debt Elimination In Bankruptcy

Credit card debt elimination in bankruptcy is one of the most common causes of bankruptcy filing.  Consumer debt has increased dramatically in the past few years.  The level of credit card debt is now near it‘s pre-recession level.  And that’s a lot.  This Consumer Reports article describes the recent rise in credit card debt.  The article also describes the perils of excess credit card debt.  In depicting the problem of too much credit card debt, the article points out what can be done to diminish the hard harm of the excess debt.

Eliminating credit card debt is the ideal solution to excess credit card debt.  But that is easier said than done.  Trimming expenses, paying your debt down faster and tapping your savings are all options to decrease your debt.  These are great ideas.  But not if they won’t work for you.  Maybe your exImage result for credit card debtpenses are already shaved to the bone .  Perhaps you can’t pay your debt off any faster.  And what if you have no savings?  If so, credit card debt elimination in bankruptcy may be your best bet.

Credit card debt elimination in bankruptcy may be your only option if your debt is beyond your ability to repay.  And those in that position are not alone.  Tips to improve your credit position are meaningless if you can’t employ them.  And paying more on your debt often falls on deaf ears of those in debt.  The reason people are in debt is often because they can’t repay it.  If they could, they would.

The Consumer Reports article is right.  Too much credit card debt is bad.  But if you can’t repay it, credit card debt elimination in bankruptcy is your only option.  And a good option it is.  Though filing bankruptcy is a negative on your credit, eliminating your credit card debt you can’t repay is a positive.  Weighing these options is the key to evaluating whether filing bankruptcy is the right financial option.


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