Debt Discharge

Debt Discharge Debt discharge in bankruptcy is legal process to eliminate debt.  You receive a discharge if you complete your bankruptcy case successfully.  The final paperwork from the Sacramento Bankruptcy Court, or wherever someone files, is an order.  It is a … Continue reading

Debt Elimination Through Bankruptcy

Why file for bankruptcy?  Debt elimination though bankruptcy is the purpose for filing bankruptcy.  It is also the basis of the bankruptcy discharge.  A bankruptcy discharge is a court order canceling, or eliminating your debts.  It’s that simple.  The order … Continue reading

Student Loan Bankruptcy

You can have student loans, and you can file bankruptcy.  But getting rid of a student loan though bankruptcy is a tough trick.  Not that you can’t do it.  But eliminating student loans in a bankruptcy is hard.  Perhaps I … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Debt Relief Alternatives

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Debt Relief Alternatives Bankruptcy is an option to eliminate or reorganize your debt.  There are other alternatives besides bankruptcy, though.  Debt relief companies and agencies can help, but be cautious taking this route. Many debt relief companies and agencies … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Medical Care & Prescription Costs

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Medical Care & Prescription Costs Medical care and prescription costs are some of the most common expenses facing consumers considering bankruptcy in today’s economy.  Costs for medical care and prescriptions are outpacing incomes, particularly fixed incomes.  The retired … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Credit Card Debt Cost

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Credit Card Debt Cost Credit card debt interest cost for the average consumer in 2015 exceeded $2,600 according to a recent survey.  Eliminating credit card and other consumer debt was the crux of the survey’s conclusion for consumers to … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: how to start the bankruptcy process

Filing bankruptcy in Sacramento, or anywhere, is a process.  Preparation, strategy and timing are often key elements in processing a bankruptcy filing.  How, then, to begin? For starters, find whether bankruptcy is your best option.  Often when you owe more … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: Being sued? Bankruptcy will stop that lawsuit

Bankruptcy prevents creditors from coming after you.  That includes stopping lawsuits, letters, levies, liens, garnishments, phone calls, or anything creditors attempt to pursue a debt owed.  As soon as a bankruptcy is filed, bankruptcy protection (also known as an automatic stay … Continue reading

Sacramento Bankruptcy: 2016 resolution to eliminate debt

If your new year’s resolution for 2016 is to eliminate your debt, bankruptcy may be the answer.  Credit card debt, lines of credit, medical bills, car repossessions, mortgages and income taxes are all forms of debt that can be eliminated through … Continue reading

How to find the best bankruptcy lawyer in Sacramento who is right for you

Selecting the best bankruptcy lawyer to overcome your personal debt problems can be complex.  Who is the best attorney for you is the question to be asked and answered in the process.  Whether you narrow your potential choices through Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter or some other … Continue reading