Mounting Consumer Debt

Mounting Consumer Debt Debt is on the rise.  This recent Bloomberg article reflects the mounting consumer debt in America.  Sacramento consumer debt is no different.  The Bloomberg article portrays trends in consumer debt.  It analyzes debts aside from mortgages, and the trend … Continue reading

Debt Discharge

Debt Discharge Debt discharge in bankruptcy is legal process to eliminate debt.  You receive a discharge if you complete your bankruptcy case successfully.  The final paperwork from the Sacramento Bankruptcy Court, or wherever someone files, is an order.  It is a … Continue reading

Debt Stress Relief

Debt Stress Relief Debt is stressful.  It is very stressful.  Anyone living with debt knows this.  But debt stress relief is possible.  During the Great Recession, debt was rampant, leaving millions looking for relief.  Following this financial collapse, credit dried … Continue reading