Bankruptcy Testimonials

Thomas KC 
“Jim was great! He made me comfortable in what I thought would be an uncomfortable spot. I have recommended countless clients to Jim over the years.”

Bankruptcy Testimonials

Jennifer J
“I couldn’t have been more pleased. Jim held my hand the whole way. A real sweetheart!”

Steven EK
“Jim is a great guy. He helped save my home, my car and get rid of over $75,000 in credit card debt. I am forever grateful and would recommend Jim to anyone in need.”

Nicole CH 
“When my daycare business began to collapse and I fell behind on my mortgage, I called Jim who my sister recommended. Am I ever glad I made that call! Jim saved my home, allowing me to keep operating my business. Thanks Jim!”

Trey JC 
“Jim was a lifesaver. He helped rid me of credit cards, car repossessions, medical bills and every other type of debt. With 3 lawsuits and a wage garnishment I thought I was beyond help. I wasn’t. Jim is the best!”

Kurt RD 
“What a good guy. He made me feel so relieved when I was so stressed. Not only did he arrange to clear my credit card debt, he helped get rid of my second mortgage. I can breathe again! Thank you, Jim!”